Why Winter is the best time to Promote IPL

Winter Beauty Tips
Tips for Promoting IPL

Summer is the time when people want to look gorgeous for the beach, their cocktail dresses or singlet and shorts. Which typically involves beautiful, hair-free skin, achieved through the innovative pain-free IPL hair removal treatments. So why are we talking about summer in the middle of winter?

It might sound odd but summer is not the time to be promoting IPL machines. Melbourne beauty businesses should actually be encouraging their clients to receive IPL treatments throughout the colder months of winter. Here are four reasons why IPL treatments are better in winter.

Get Hair Free in time for Summer

Most clients want hair-free skin for summer, however, few realise that most IPL machines require 6-12 sessions to achieve the full effects. Not only does this entail 3-4 months of protecting their skin from the sun, it also means that patients will need to avoid the beach to reduce any potential side-effects. If you encourage IPL treatments in winter your clients are then completely ready for the beach at a moments notice.

Sun Exposure can Irritate post IPL skin

After every IPL treatment, clients are recommended to stay out of the sun’s damaging UV rays. This ensures that any skin that was sensitised by the treatments will be protected and reduces the risk of side effects. By promoting IPL treatments in winter you are making it easier for clients to stay safe, and receive quality results.

IPL is less effective on tanned skin

While a tan might look stunning in warm summer light, it can actually impede your client’s permanent hair reduction treatments. The IPL light frequency is attracted to the darker pigment of the hair which then reduces unwanted hair. Tanned skin can then make the entire process less effective and require additional treatments to achieve better results.

IPL rejuvenation works better in cooler weather

Just as an IPL session for hair removal makes the skin a little sensitive, so too do the skin rejuvenation treatments. Clients are recommended to avoid excessive sun and heat which makes winter the perfect time for skin rejuvenation. Winter is a time most Melbournians will cover up as much as possible, which gives their skin time to heal and fully nourish their newly rejuvenated skin.

Promote IPL Early

So if you are looking for your next treatment this winter, look into offering IPL sessions to your existing or new clientele. To keep up with your promotion, why don’t you look at upgrading or investing in a second IPL device? Every device purchased from us at Universal Medical Aesthetics includes free training and marketing support so you can get the most out of your new machine.

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