Why Sonophoresis is a Clinic Favourite for Incredible Results?
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Why Sonophoresis is a Clinic Favourite for Incredible Results?


Are you up to date with the best way for clinicians to deliver topical compounds directly into the epidermis and dermis? If not, you could be missing out on one of the most effective ways to improve the results of your topical skin care- so, read on for more information!

Most active ingredients in skin care can’t penetrate the stratum corneum, which is sometimes better known as the defence mechanism set up by the skin’s lipid/water layers. As this layer is hard to pass through, it renders most products minimally ineffective- but sonophoresis changes the game. In some cases, sonophoresis alters the skin’s permeability, raising it by up to 8 times its original permeable capability.

How does it work?

Sonophoresis capitalises on sonic wave technology to garner the results it is known for.  It is not a brand new treatment, rather it has been used for many years, as far back as the 70s, initially by physiotherapists to treat deep tissue trauma. In skin therapy, sonophoresis provides greater permeability of the skin’s surface. For clinicians, the benefits are clear: better absorption, very satisfied clients and less product consumption due to increased capability of the products clinicians need to use.

Sonophoresis temporarily reduces lipid density in these layers, opening up microscopic pathways in the skin that allow active ingredients to pass through the lipid barrier and get to work doing what they do best.

If you supposed that sonophoresis would only be available through select, highly trained clinicians, you would be right. Correct operation and technique are critical when referencing sonophoresis as a skin therapy, at all times.

If you would like to explore the benefits of sonophoresis and how it can be used to improve outcomes for your clients and the active products you use to treat them, why not start today? Our trusted professionals are always available for advice and support to point you in the right direction.

Universal Medical Aesthetics is proud to deliver the most advanced products in skincare to our clients. For professional service and advice trusted by the country’s leading clinicians, contact the team of experts at Universal Medical Aesthetics about our gold standard technology today.

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