Why All We Want For Christmas Is Premium Potency Skincare
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Why All We Want For Christmas Is Premium Potency Skincare

Christmas Skin

It’s definitely that time of year again and we have the perfect gift selection for clinics that only recommend the best skincare products to their valued clients- it’s a range you’ll use for yourself and recommend, time and time again.


Skincare brands that do what they promise are rare indeed. From individual to individual, even high end products yield significantly varied results. While you may experience some level of success with any given product, very often the product claims don’t align with the results. Elixirderm is different.



What is Elixirderm?


Elixirderm is referenced as a cosmeceutical transdermal, which means it’s the highest potency of a product line possible before it must be listed as a medication by law. In other words, it’s the best skincare you can get without a prescription.


Why does it work so well?


Elixirderm is a liposomatic treatment. This means that, as a product with an alternative molecular structure, Elixirderm can reach the dermis and deliver ingredients to layers of the skin for most impactful results.  It can be used with technology or without technology, garnering noticeable results in either case.


Elixirderm works on a number of levels to improve the skin and numerous skin conditions associated with aging, acne, dehydration and more. Featuring the highest concentrations of vitamin C, A ,Niacin and Hyaluronic Acid available, it’s a range designed to satisfy the most diligent clinician… and everyone who tries it.


Why Elixirderm Makes the Ideal Christmas Gift.


We’re all looking for something that promotes beautiful skin- Elixirderm is the Christmas gift that you can’t wait to recommend! Choose from an expansive range of products specifically designed to address concerns around combination, dry, oily, and dehydrated skin. The Elixirderm range is complete, featuring:


  • Cleansers

A foaming Gel Face Cleanser to balance and hydrate the skin or a Herbal Face Milk especially suited to sensitive or mature skin make ideal stocking fillers.


  • Tonics

Dermal lotion for acneic and congested skin, or a herbal face tonic to address dead skin cells and manage excess oil.


  • Exfoliants

A gentle enzyme peel for sensitive skin types, or a hyaluronic massage gel perfect for peeling, hydrating and nourishing the skin.


  • Serums

A liposome and vitamin rich lifting serum, hyaluronic serum, retinol serum or caviar serum are each perfectly concentrated for brilliant results in the clinic or at home.

…and much more


At Universal IPL we’re extremely proud of the quality product we’ve developed in Elixirderm, and our clients reflect that pride back to us. It is a product perfectly suited as a go to in your clinic, but also as a top shelf product purchasable by the clients who fall in love with it after one treatment. Would you like to try Elixirderm in your clinic?


For more information about the Elixirderm product range or to speak directly with an Elixirderm consultant, please email us via contact@elixirderm.com.au today.

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