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It’s Beauty Expo Time Again!

Are you planning on going to Australia’s leading Beauty Expo based in Melbourne and Sydney? Not only is it the only independent beauty trade event in Australia, but it is also an incredible opportunity to network with your peers in the beauty industry and hear from some of the leading experts in beauty today. Perhaps the most exciting part, for us at least, is the ability to connect with the suppliers of beauty equipment. Ensure you visit us at our stand and experience for yourself why we are one of the only beauty suppliers with patented beauty equipment.

What you will find

At our stall, we will have decades of knowledge on display through innovative designs and cutting-edge technology. Our experienced and professional consultants will be able to demonstrate exactly how our devices outperform our nearest competitors and their true advantages. With the largest spot size in the world, you can conduct treatment sessions faster and with more reliable results than ever before. As each salon, spa, clinic and practice has different space and client requirements, we pride ourselves on finding the right equipment for each of our customers. Discover our revolutionary medically certified, anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, IPL/SHR/UHR and laser devices.

genlux IPL Machine


The world’s most powerful desktop hair reduction device. A versatile machine that can handle up to five anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments. We listened to our clients’ need for a smaller more portable device and created a unit packed with as much power as it could handle. It easily fits smaller beauty businesses, while still delivering the reliable results you would expect from the bigger equipment, making it perfect for businesses wanting a competitive edge.



Give your clients a natural alternative with our Hydrodermabrasion. Using the natural healing and rejuvenating properties of water combined with pure organic diamond tips, your clients will receive instant results. Not only is the hydrodermabrasion completely natural, but it is also soothing and pain-free. It is the perfect alternative for customers with sensitive skin or pain concerns. With fast and effective treatment, your business can offer more sessions and increasing turnover.



EvoLux is a first-class multi-treatment system, and can easily treat a range of customers’ complaints from skin rejuvenation right through to the reduction of vascular lesions or unwanted pigmentation. Equipped with the leading pain-free IPL/SHR treatment, the EvoLux also enables beauty businesses to provide pain-free, permanent hair reduction. Treat a wider range of customers with better results on darker skin/hair combinations.

universalipl SPT

IPL/SHR Fraction RF Head

An option treatment head, the IPL/SHR Fractional, Radio Frequency handpiece deliver additional value to devices in our IPL/SHR range. With a patented SPT cooling system operating between 0 nad 2 degrees Celsius, the Sapphire cooling system is a great addition to our range. The treatment headpiece includes three fractional RF tips in the package, and with a larger spot size, it makes any treatment quick and effective – even on darker skins (includes suntanned skin.

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