What Can an Oxygen Facial Device Do for Your Clinic?
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What Can an Oxygen Facial Device Do for Your Clinic?

Oxygen facial

Oxygen facial technology is making waves on the market, with plenty clientele seeking the many benefits it offers across the country. By now, most clinicians will be aware of the basics around oxygen facials, for example, the chemical-free application is a standout feature, especially with the multitude of benefits an oxygen facial return. Are you up to date with oxygen facial tech? Let’s look at the low down on this fantastic anti-ageing, refreshing and painless treatment.

Sometimes known as jet peel treatment, oxygen facials are a great way to rectify skin texture and reduce wrinkles while taking care of pigmentation and helping to manage overall skin tone.

Deeply refreshing and rejuvenating tech- chemical free.

The beauty of a jet peel treatment is that it works on the skin’s deeper layers, and it does this without the application of abrasives or suction, which are found in microdermabrasion alternatives and can be unsuitable for many individuals.

Those with a predisposition to congested skin will find a good reference in oxygen facials, as it can be used to treat blackheads, whiteheads and pustules very effectively.

A perfect clean without abrasives.

Basically, oxygen facials are an expulsion of air accompanied by atomised water aerosol, which delivers moisture to the surface of the skin. It’s sometimes described as an experience similar to pressure washing, and though we’d like to word it with a little more sophistication, this is a good depiction of how much of a difference the treatment makes on the skin’s surface. Looking for a refreshed, glowing complexion and a completely pristine canvas? Oxygen facials are the go-to.

If you would like to find out more about what supersonic oxygen facial can do for your clients, the experts at Universal Medical Aesthetics are available to help. Our technology has been developed with results, practicality and quality as a central focus. Your investment in advanced technology for your clinic is designed to last and bring excellent returns to your business. Call us for an informal chat today

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