Wavelengths for Hair Removal Explained
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Wavelengths for Hair Removal Explained


More clinics across Australia are seeing the benefits of combined treatments in one device. With the ability to treat more patients without the need to invest in multiple devices, products like the DioLux Ice are becoming the must-have for clinics that want to save time, space and money.

The DioLux Ice is the hair removal solution that combines triple the benefits, in just one simple-to-use platform. Achieve better results than you could with any mono-wavelength device and make sure that every patient leaves your clinic satisfied – ideally, booking another appointment on their way out.

What’s special about the DioLux Ice is that it combines three laser wavelengths in one for effective, powerful hair removal. It’s able to target different tissue depths, anatomical structures within the hair follicle and it’s virtually painless.

The DioLux Ice uses the three most effective wavelengths and groundbreaking technology: Alex 755NM, Speed 810 NM and Yag 1064 NM.

Alexander 755 NM Wavelength

If your patient complains that they struggle to achieve effective hair removal elsewhere, offer them a solution with the Alex 755 NM laser. It is the best option for treating a wider range of patients, because of its ability to treat a high variety of hair types and colours.

That means that even patients with thin or light-coloured hair will be able to see the benefits that this ground-breaking device can offer. The Alex 755 NM is effective due to its powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore. The wavelength works by targeting the Bulge of the hair follicle and can penetrate superficially to get to work on smaller hairs like the eyebrows and upper lip.

Speed 810 NM Wavelength

Our lives are becoming busier by the day, therefore offering time efficient services is imperative in today’s market. The benefits are twofold- you can avoid clients from going to your competitors, and as a salon owner you can fit in more appointments. The DioLux Ice incorporates Speed 810 laser wavelength that can treat patients in half the time, freeing up space for more appointments.

The wavelength offers deep penetration, a higher average power and higher repetition rate. So, even speedier treatments offer effective hair removal. It has a moderate melanin absorption level so is safe for darker skin types and, due to its speed, you can treat larger areas such as arms, legs and beard with the Speed 810.

Yag 1064 NM Wavelength

In the past, those with darker skin types were unable to find hair removal treatments that worked. The Yag 1064 was specially designed to present a solution for darker skin types. Of all three wavelengths, it offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle, so it’s able to target the Bulb and Papilla.

The treatment requires higher temperatures, but few patients report this wavelength as being painful. It’s able to treat those areas where hair is deeply embedded, such as the scalp, pubic areas and arm pits.

Don’t let your clinic fall behind. Provide a tailored hair removal solution for every customer by contacting Universal IPL on (02) 8231 6529.

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