Warm up the coming winter with LED hi-tech facials

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Once, the highest facial technique was to slather creams of all colours on your skin. However those times have long past and now there are more reliable, less messy technologies which deliver better quality outcomes.

High tech LED devices are the next generation of advanced facial techniques and winter provides the perfect opportunity for clients to access the benefits.

How It Works

LED devices are scientifically backed, utilising a range of colour wavelengths to deliver a wide range of benefits. Activating age-defying collagen and elastin production, the treatments stimulate cell turnover to build healthier, younger appearances. Each coloured wavelength treats a different skin concern, which means that for each device a clinic can treat a range of customers’ problems.

Why Is Winter Perfect for LED treatments?

One of the biggest benefits of LED technology is their effective solutions for clearing up blemishes. Through a relaxing, pain-free treatment clients can finally have the creamy flawless complexion they have always wanted.

Winter is perfect for treating one of the biggest skin concerns of Australian patients – Hyperpigmentation. Through the use of coloured LED treatments, beauty therapists can effectively treat dark spots and other skin discolouration.

To gain the best outcome for the treatment, it is highly recommended that patients try to avoid direct UV exposure. For this reason, clients find it easier to follow their therapist’s advice in cooler months when they are typically are already wearing more covering clothing and less exposed to UV wavelengths.

Why clients love LED treatments.

One of the main reasons clients love a LED treatment by a Universal Medical Aesthetics device, is how comfortable they are. Restoring their skin in complete comfort, there is absolutely no pain or discomfort. In fact, it is so comfortable many clients treat it like a relaxing hi-tech massage for their face. You many even have some fall asleep!

The treatments themselves are incredibly effective at delivering great results for a variety of skin types and sensitivities. For clinics that want to effective treat a range of concerns, our Quattro Lux from our LED range, does not compromise on quality. With four colours in one head, the treatment is less aggressive than plastic surgery and provides clients with a more natural alternative to other skin rejuvenation treatment methods.

If you are uncertain if a LED skin rejuvenation device would suit your business, at Universal Medical Aesthetics, we are skilled at helping businesses choose the right equipment. We understand salons have a range of different and specific needs, so we help businesses discover which advanced treatment system will suit them. Simply by observing your clientele, dynamics and location demographics, we can suggest one of our systems, tailored to their specific requirements. From LED devices to IPL machines we have the right tools for every Melbourne beauty business.

If you are looking for the right advanced equipment for your clinic, contact us today to talk with a consultant specialist.

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