The Gold Standard in IPL- What does it mean?
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The Gold Standard in IPL- What does it mean?

IPL gold standard

The intense popularity of IPL systems continues to drive the hair reduction and skin rejuvenation device market. With many clients looking to resolve issues ranging from skin concerns to hair reduction, IPL devices continue to build on their reputation for providing cutting edge tech, fast results and portability to the modern clinic.

So, what makes IPL devices so popular?

The number of IPL machines in Australia continues to grow accordingly with increases in demand. Used to treat a number of concerns, IPL devices can normally be administered to any part of the body safely, and are used to alleviate the following concerns:





  • Sun damage
  • Acne and Scarring
  • Ageing skin concerns
  • Hair reduction
  • …and more.

For the average client whose only hopes of reversing a common complaint lay in surgery or invasive treatment, for example, crepiness in the décolletage, or sunspots due to ageing – the technological advances represented by IPL is an opportunity to right almost any wrong, dermatologically speaking.

IPL offer clinicians the opportunity to treat clients with a range of modalities in one device. As different wavelengths are suited to treating different conditions, these devices minimise risks and maximise effects with their ability to treat conditions ranging from rosacea, freckles and pigmentation as effectively as it does unwanted hair.

The treatment offers up opportunity to previously restricted areas of treatment, such as PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and hirsutism.  Technology used in the engineering of these devices means that clinicians can now benefit from a range of services in the one machine.

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