The Beauty Trends of 2019 that All Your Clients Will be following
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The Beauty Trends of 2019 that All Your Clients Will be following

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2018 was a big year for beauty. Already an industry obsessed with newness, 2019 will see further innovations in beauty with skincare at the forefront of every client’s mind. 2018 started important conversations around sustainability and transparency within the beauty industry. Now more than ever clients are more educated and knowledgeable on beauty practices, making them our biggest asset when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in beauty technology.


Although emerging beauty trends continue to flourish, some things never change, with anti-aging remaining the most sought-after beauty treatment. More than ever however, clients are opting for non-invasive treatments with little to no side effects.


After anti-ageing, the skin healing category saw the biggest growth in beauty this year, with google searches related to healing up by 800 versus 2016. Relief from redness, acne and skin irritation is something clients are leaving to their trusted clinicians to treat, and with more options for skin-rejuvenation, it has never been easier to meet your clients’ needs!


Microdermabrasion will continue to soar in popularity in 2019 and is one of the most effective ways to treat skin conditions. UMA recommends the ‘Ultra-Crystalfor a natural alternative to traditional microdermabrasion aluminium oxide systems. It results in a less aggressive approach that promotes collagen production and blood oxygenation. Ideal for all skin types but especially effective for those with scarring or sensitive skin.


2019 will also see the continuation of the ‘naked’ trend, where women are opting for a natural or ‘naked’ look and are seeking out treatments that help them achieve this. With the increasing convergence of health and beauty, clients will be looking for long-term solutions to ultimately improve the health of their skin.


The ‘Ultra-Oxy is the answer to maintaining skin health, ideal for the client who is after radiant skin without makeup. Not only are the results instant with the oxygen jet peel treatment but clients can be assured that the supersonic technology pressure washers the skin to unclog pores and remove built up debris.


2019 is set to push the boundaries for the beauty industry. With clients more in-tune to their wants and needs and more innovative technology to meet them, client satisfaction is set to sky-rocket this year. To explore the latest in beauty technology contact one of the experts at UMA today.

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