The 101 on Hydrodermabrasion and why you will LOVE it
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The 101 on Hydrodermabrasion and why you will LOVE it


If you haven’t got the details on hydrodermabrasion yet, you’re excused. It’s a relatively new treatment, but as a not-too distant cousin of everybody’s favourite microdermabrasion, it represents a new method of deep cleansing and exfoliation that only a privileged few have so far seen!

 What’s the difference between microdermabrasion and hydrodermabrasion?

 Well, the biggest leap from tech to tech is the fact that, while microdermabrasion relies on an abrasive material to slough away dead skin and debris, hydrodermabrasion attacks the same surface-dulling properties with the added power of high velocity H20. And the results are amazing.

 How does it work?

 The advanced hydrodermabrasion device we developed at UMA is a handheld applicator with a nozzle. The impact that both the dermabrasive solution and water have on the skin offers two main benefits, both deep hydration and intense exfoliation that result in smooth, glowing skin that looks beautiful, healthy and refreshed.

 The nozzle expels both a dermabrasion solution and atomised water at high-velocity. This high velocity impact is painless to the client but dynamite of the roughened, corny layer of skin that leads to a less than perfect complexion, dullness, dryness and generally tired look. It’s just as relaxing and gentle as microdermabrasion, and may actually be better suited to those who have sensitive skin- yet still crave that specialised smoothness. You may notice a reduction in the appearance of pores or scarring after multiple treatments. Hydrodermabrasion can also play a role in lymph stimulation and promoting lymph flow, both significant pro’s for anyone wanting to boost their glow.

 Most hydrodermabrasion sessions will take half an hour to complete, but there is no downtime to a treatment and clients may apply makeup and other skin products if they wish to afterwards, but for particularly good results, it is best to undergo any dermabrasion late into the day and to go makeup free so the skin can maximise rest time unhindered.

 Particularly effective when paired with great skincare products such as skincare from our Elixirderm range, you’ll find hydrodermabrasion quickly picks up as a recommended favourite in any clinic. As results are obvious after a single treatment, although multiple treatments are likely to yield greater results.

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