UniTatt Tattoo Removal Device
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Universal Medical Aesthetics provides the latest in tattoo removal machines – the UniTatt.

This machine utilises the explosive effect of advanced Q-Switched YAG Lasers to remove challenging tattoos. The laser permeates through the epidermis into the dermis and is absorbed by the pigmented ink. Using a narrow laser that pulses at nanoseconds, the tattoos are precisely targeted. This eliminates the damage to the healthy outer skin and ensures only the tattooed inks are targeted.


UMA recognises that, to receive the best results for your new equipment, your business staff require training by industry experts. With the purchase of a UniTatt device, fully trained professionals provide advice and training on conducting treatment sessions. Each UniTatt provides a range of benefits for your business in the beauty industry and increases the client satisfaction with results demonstrated with just a few sessions.

  • Using the latest laser technology results in less painful treatment sessions for clients while still providing effective results
  • Unlike less advanced machines, the UniTatt provides long-term results from each treatment session.
  • While specialised machines, the UniTatt is able to treat a range of other conditions apart from tattoo removal.
  • Conditions include coloured pigments and cosmetic tattoos, from red and brown to black and blue pigmentation.
  • Using the latest safety features ensures that both your operators and – importantly – your clients, are protected from harm. It also protects the specialised equipment from shorting or overheating.

By purchasing a tattoo removal device from UMA, you ensure your business will retain a competitive edge within the beauty industry, while maintaining client satisfaction.



Using the UniTatt enables businesses in the beauty industry to treat a range of conditions, including:

  • Epidermal pigmentation including body tattoos, eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos.
  • Dermal pigmentation with red and brown birthmarks.
  • Blue and green pigmentation
  • Laser Skin treatments including professional skin rejuvenation and pore reduction for acne conditions.
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handpiece hose protector water tank radiator Infrared Aiming Beam
Type of Laser Q-switch Nd:Yag Laser
Wavelength Dual wavelength 1064nm and 532nm
Pulse energy 100 ~ 1000mj
Pulse width 3ns
Facular Diameter 1~8mm (adjustable)
Pulse frequency 1~10hz (adjustable)
Screen 8.4" True Color Touch Screen
Voltage AC100-240V, 20A max., 50/60hz
Dimension 38*32*48cm (W*D*H)
Net Weight 25kg

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