UniTatt Pro Tattoo Removal Machine
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UniTatt Pro

Universal Medical Aesthetics is proud to present UniTatt Pro, the latest advanced equipment in tattoo removal machines. Tattoo removal techniques have progressed a long way since previous treatments requiring surgical intervention through skin grafts, removal or treatment using infra-red lasers. Today using Q-switched lasers, UniTatt Pro allows every business within the beauty industry the ability to offer non-surgical tattoo removal. Tattoo removal is less painful, faster and more effective using UniTatt Pro and offers a professional alternative to competitors’ devices.

WHYUniTatt Pro

Using the UniTatt Pro provides an immediate benefit for any business in the beauty industry. Using the latest advances in technology, clients are impressed that their tattoos are noticeably faded and removed after just a few treatment sessions.
Universal Medical Aesthetics did not stop with tattoo removal with the UniTatt Pro. Freckles, birthmarks and other benign pigmented lesions respond very well to the same laser using in removing tattoos. The UniTatt Pro can also be used by beauty businesses to treat a wide range of pigmentation problems.

While the market is flooded with subpar tattoo removal machines, with Universal Medical Aesthetics’ expertise, you can be sure that your salon or spa will be receiving the right equipment. Clients will be satisfied with the results demonstrated with only a few treatment sessions, ensuring you retain a competitive edge within the industry.

Uni Tatt Pro


The UniTatt Pro can treat a variety of pigmentation and tattoo problems, including:

  • Epidermal pigmentation, including body tattoos and a range of tattoo inks.
  • Cosmetics Tattoos, such as the so called ‘permanent make-up’ – eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip liner.
  • Dermal pigmentation, including Nevus of Ota, birthmarks, coffee spots, age spots and freckles.
  • Vascular diseases from varicose veins to capillary hemangioma.
  • Professional laser facial treatments, including skin rejuvenation, improving skin pores and controlling skin irregularities.
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