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Unlike other skin rejuvenation methods, the Ultra-Pen provides quick and effective results to clients wishing for younger looking skin. Skin needling stimulates the dermal layer to increase the outward appearance of the skin with a swifter and more effective healing rate. The Ultra-Pen also avoids many of the side effects of other treatment methods, including sun sensitive, colour loss or hyper-pigmentation. Results in skin tone and texture generally demonstrate after the second treatment session. Most significant improvements will show within six to eight weeks and dramatically improve within the following months. The results will be similar in healing and natural collagen reproduction to IPL, chemical peels and fractional laser treatments, but without the same harmful side effects or downtime.


The Ultra-Pen provides a range of benefits for any business in the beauty industry using this equipment.

  • The Ultra-Pen delivers consistent, predictable treatment experience which technology like lasers and other devices cannot always confidently provide.
  • Using medical, surgical grade equipment, UMA always considers hygiene and preventing cross contamination. Using the Ultra-Pen, businesses can be confident of client’s satisfaction.
  • Using adjustable needle penetration, the Ultra-Pen allows salons and spas the ability to customise the treatment program for individual customers.
  • Able to be used for all skin types, every customer’s particular skin problem is catered for. The Ultra-Pen confidently provides treatment for sensitive skin types and skin types that overreact to heat based treatment.


The Ultra- Pen is ideal for treating a variety of skin concerns including

  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven tone
  • Unwanted pigmentation
  • Hyper-pigmentation, including Vitiligo
  • Facial scarring and stretch marks
  • Challenging scar patterns caused by acne and chicken pox
  • General loss of elasticity
While the face is the most common treatment area, other parts of the body demonstrate results in using the Ultra-Pen, including the hands, neck, back, stomach, chest and hips. Providing a broad range of treatments, an Ultra-Pen will create a competitive advantage for every salon and increase their profitability regardless of your current treatment options.
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