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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound works by delivering heat directly to the deep and sub level of the skin to renew the skin’s collagen. This provides a natural and immediate benefit of tightening the skin and reduces sagging. The results are the similar to the results of a face or body life, without any invasive surgeries or injections.

More efficient and effective than anything else in its class, Universal Medical Aesthetics used the latest advances in ultrasound technology to create the UMA-HIFU Pro. It provides constant and reliable results, enabling spas and salons to treat a variety of areas with skin firming technology.


Universal Medical Aesthetics’ provides businesses within the beauty industry with equipment that which provides a benefit for both the salon’s clients and the salon itself.

  • Treatments are quick and efficient at around 45 to 60 minutes for each session and allow the salon to book multiple appointments for the day.
  • With firming effects immediately demonstrated after treatment, clients are instantly pleased with the results.
  • With no treatment downtime, clients can resume normal activity immediately and confidently book treatment sessions before big events such as weddings or formal events.
  • The treatment is comfortable for clients who experience no pain and require no anaesthetic.
  • A natural procedure and working from the ‘inside out’, results are continually shown over many months from the initial treatment session.


UMA HIFU Pro provides any beauty business the ability to offer a range of treatments for a variety of clients as well as containing a range of technical benefits.

  • Equipped with two standard heads, including 13mm and 8mm.
  • An obvious reduction in fat after just one treatment.
  • Treatments have no downtime for clients so they can return to normal activities immediately.
  • Maintains a steady energy during treatments and does not affect the surface skin.
  • Acts on the dermal collagen fibres to stimulate the fat layer and SMAS.
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Energy Adjustment 30-75 speed, continuosly adjustment
Step Length 5 speed
Working Frequency 230 Khz±20 Khz
Shots 525 shots, each shot shoot 576 points
Output power Not more than 580VA
Normal operating conditions
Ambient Temprature Range 5C-40C
Relative humidity range 80%
The Atmospheric pressure 86. 0kp-106. 0kpa
Power Supply AC 110-230V, 50hz/60hz

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