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Universal Medical Aesthetics, provides the latest advanced technology to deliver unparalleled results in creating firm skin. The latest in skin firming equipment uses ultrasound technology to firm and rejuvenate the treated area. Unlike laser or traditional skin tightening machines, this does not harm the healthy surface skin. By disrupting the deep tissue and muscles UMA HIFU uses the body’s natural processes to tighten and firm the skin across the body and face.
Economical and easy to operate, UMA HIFU provides constant results and enables your salon to effective treatments for a wide range of clients.


The UMA HIFU is one of the most advanced machines in its class, providing reliable treatment to satisfied clients and businesses in the beauty industry. Using natural technology to stimulate collagen growth, UMA HIFU works from the inside out. Clients notice an instant benefit from each treatment session, but the gentle technology enables them to return to normal activity immediately after the session. The gentle pain-free treatment has no side effects and clients can book appointments close to important occasions, even weddings or formal events.
Using ultrasound technology enables UMA HIFU to work from the inside out, so clients see results developing months after initial treatments. Using Universal Medical Aesthetic devices, enables businesses within the beauty industry to maintain a high client satisfaction and retain a competitive edge.



UMA HIFU provides a range of treatments and includes a variety of features to distinguish it above competitors’ devices.

  • With versatile specifications, equipped with five heads, including 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 8mm and 13mm, they operate at precisely the right depth to not damage the epidermis.
  • Easy to control, the professional equipment is easy to train salon staff on and operate.
  • With technical superiority, the head contains an automatic motor to automatically adjust ultrasound waves to the right depth.
  • Suitable for a range of skin colours and types
  • Low cost investment with payment plans
  • Leading edge ultrasound technology to develop the most effective machines

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