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UMA's ultrasound skin tightening machines

Ultrasound machines for skin firming

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound machines (HIFU) are the latest devices in the beauty industry, providing skin firming treatments. The latest skin firming machine, HIFU and HIFU Pro, tightens the skin all without any form of surgery. Sagging skin can distort a face’s contours giving an older appearance and tired looking eyes. Now using natural remedies, HIFU can provide a non-invasive treatment to create younger, firmer and smoother skin with immediate results. The treatment will demonstrate results for up to six months and with instant results after the initial session.

How does HIFU ultrasound machine work?

UMA’s HIFU machines work using the latest ultrasound technology. Non-invasive ultrasounds slowly increase low levels of heat in the targeted areas. This stimulates the cells in the skin areas, to invigorate collagen production and start repairing tissue. HIFU procedures operate differently laser skin firming machines, by bypassing the surface skin to directly target the deep, structural tissue and muscles.

This process allows HIFU to send ultrasound energy into the deeper dermal and sub-dermal levels. They create micro injuries to the tissue, which increases collagen production as it heals. Through this process, the collagen fibres shorten and create a skin tightening effect. While treatments provide an immediate effect, as the technology works from the inside-out, results build up gradually over two to three months. Clients are delighted to find ultrasound technology continues to produce results for up to 6 months after the initial procedure.

Skin firming machines provide natural face lift by stimulating the deep supporting structural skin layers. The body’s natural response is triggered to create new collagen growth and proceeds to naturally tighten the skin. While HIFU and skin firming machines do not provide the exact results of facelift surgery, they are an excellent alternative. Using advanced technology is a great solution for clients who are not prepared for more extreme surgical interventions or who wish to boost previous cosmetic surgery.

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The latest Non Surgical Face lift

Salons offering treatments using UMA’s skin firming machines receive a range of benefits. UMA’s systems are quick and efficient, so salons can offer treatment sessions more frequently than others. This creates more satisfied clients and repeat customers,giving any business a competitive edge.

HIFU machines treat a variety of areas with particular focus on specific problem zones.

  • Tightens skin around the forehead, reducing wrinkles
  • Lifts, tightens and firms skin around the cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces the signs of ageing.
  • Improves the jaw and chin outline, while reducing Marionette lines.
  • Improves overall skin appearance to create a fine and smooth texture.
  • Treats problem areas around the body to firm and lift the skin.
  • Effective on a wide range of skin types and colours unlike laser or competitor devices.
High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound machine (HIFU) for skin firming

The best UMA skin tightening machines, provide salons with the ability to offer clients a range of benefits, using advance patented skin firming systems.

Professional face firming machine
  • Clients experience no downtime or special post-treatment. They can even have a session completed during their lunch break and be back to work refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Non-invasive, the treatments use the body’s natural techniques to firm the skin naturally. It is the perfect alternative to surgery and is completely safe.
  • Research has shown skin tightening machines can reduce acne with improvements reported as far out as 90 days from the initial treatment.
  • It slows the development of ageing in the skin and is particularly noticeable on the face and neck.
  • It provides immediate results after each treatment session, with the process showing continual improvement over the following six months.
  • Pain-free treatments are more comfortable for clients and require no aesthetic or pain medication.
  • The entire process is gentle on the surface skin and by using the body’s natural processes, the treatment does not cause any damage to the epidermis.

Universal Medical Aesthetics used the latest ultrasound technology to create the UMA-HIFU Pro. It provides constant and reliable...

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Economical and easy to operate, UMA HIFU uses the body’s natural processes to tighten and firm the skin across the body and face.

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