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Marketing Support

When you buy any of our premium systems, we help you choose, finance and unveil your new equipment.

Choosing the right equipment:

Each salon or business in the beauty industry has a range of different and specific needs. From space limitations to various clientele needs, our UMA staff are skilled in helping you choose the right equipment. Our expert staff have worked and operating in the beauty industry for more than a decade. We know which of our advanced systems will suit a business simply by observing a salon’s dynamics and the location demographics. Following this process, ensures that each of our clients receives the right package for them, tailored to their specific requirements.

Financing for profit:

UMA has consistently found that offering an Intense Pulse Light hair reduction system can double a salon’s turnover. All beauty salons will have clients predisposed to IPL treatments. Most beauty professionals will know of their customers’ desire for more permanent, pain-free, hair reduction methods. In listening to these customers, beauty therapists have discovered the benefits of IPL systems. Our ability to meet their client’s needs is ultimately the main reason why beauty industry professionals choose to use our IPL systems

Purchasing the IPL Laser systems is as little as $20 per day. With skin rejuvenation treatments starting at $125 and hair reduction at $95, monthly earnings can quickly reach the thousands.Currently, Universal Medical Aesthetics’ IPL systems are the only aesthetic treatments to generate the same profit. This is primarily due to the low running costs offered by our equipment and the advanced technology that allows more efficient treatment times.

Launching the new equipment:

As part of our desire to provide clients with the best service, we complement each IPL system purchase with free marketing support. Included in the package are free brochures, a price list, promotional ideas, advertising banners and stickers. All offered along with a free analysis on the right equipment and clientele that will help your salon thrive.

We can also attend a launch event for your new equipment. We provide our expertise and teach you to sell packages for treatment sessions. We have discovered that a typical attendee will spend more than $400 within a fortnight of your event. In our experience, inviting ten or more people can result in over $4000 in new sales from your new equipment.

Aesthetic medicine is the new beauty technique for the 21st century, replacing plastic surgery. Within the last century, non-invasive interventions have grown by over 700%. Today, more people are turning to modern technology methods to solve their skin problems, reduce their wrinkles and remove unwanted hair. This changing trend moves in your favour when you purchase a UMA package. The speed and accuracy of our pain-free hair reduction systems will offer you a significant advantage over any of your industry competitors.

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