Why an SHR IPL Machine can Grow your Business
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UMA ipl machine

Your clients are looking at you to show them the future of hair removal technology. Prove that you’re an innovator in your field and that you can offer them the complete hair removal solution to fit their lifestyle.

Traditionally, salons have solely offered a choice between laser of IPL hair reduction systems. That was fine, until the SHR IPL machine was introduced. Older systems work by transmitting large amounts of energy that reaches the hair root through melanin. While the melanin absorbs the energy, the surrounding skin and red blood cells also do. This can cause side-effects such as swelling.

SHR IPL machines reduce or eliminate side effects and downtime for a safer and more enjoyable alternative, that brings your salon to the forefront of technology. Here are some ways you can benefit your business and offer clients the best in hair reduction machines.

Faster Treatments

Faster treatments are more convenient for you and your clients. You can fit more bookings into a day, and your patients can get on with their life as normal, easily fitting in a quick treatment when it’s needed.

Painless Treatments

The SHR IPL machine offers virtually pain-free treatments, even for those with sensitive skin. Couple that with less downtime and minimal side-effects, and it becomes the preferred hair removal solution for your clients.

Encourage Repeat Business

Like most treatments in the medical aesthetics industry, SHR IPL works best with repeat sessions. Patients will notice better results with every single visit, so you can be sure they’ll return to you to continue treatment.

Multi-functional Machinery

This advanced new machine is so popular because of its versatility. It is used to treat hair removal, but can also combat skin complaints and help with skin revival, reduction of pigmented lesions and freckle reduction. With so much to offer, customers won’t need to go anywhere else.

Treat More Patients

Older forms of hair reduction technology wasn’t effective on everyone. The SHR IPL machine has been developed to treat a range of skin types and is even powerful enough to work on blonde or nearly white hairs. Those patients that previously found IPL or laser hair reduction to be inaccessible to them, now have a solution that works.

If you want to keep your appointment book full (and who doesn’t?!) then offer customers the technology that keeps them coming back. With less painful, faster treatments that can do more, stock the SHR IPL machine. Contact Universal Medical Aesthetics to get on the way to boosting your beauty business.

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