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genlux-lgThe GenLux is the most powerful desktop hair reduction and anti-ageing machine in Australia. Universal Medical Aesthetics listened to feedback from customers and experts in the beauty industry. The most common complaint was the space required to run a premium multi treatment system. In answer, UMA presents GenLux, a machine where size does not matter. The GenLux offers more treatment options than any other competitor in its price range, whilst still being manoeuvrable and easily fitting into smaller spas or salons.

Call our knowledgeable staff to discover how a GenLux could fit your spa or salon.


  • GenLux uses advanced technology which easily treats a range of skin types including tricky red and blonde hair.
  • From dark to light skin and hair combinations, the SPT, FCA technology is focused on both dark and light hair.
  • Most treatments are pain-free including skin rejuvenation and hair reduction.
  • Using -4°C cooling, the treatments deliver pain-free and more comfortable results.
  • GenLux comes with two handpieces (SHR 15 x 50mm and E-light 12 x 33mm).
  • The GenLux uses German Xenon Lamps to provide a reliable and economical result. They are guaranteed for up to 300,000 flashes.


The GenLux provides a wide range of treatments for multiple skin concerns and handling hair reduction.
You will be delighted to offer sessions to clients whom you were not able to previously treat.
UMA is pleased to offer training on every purchase of the GenLux, which ensures you will always have an expert ready to handle the following problems:

  • Hair reduction for skin types I-V
  • Rejuvenating aged or tired skin
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Treat hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular therapy
Using the GenLux will provide the ultimate advantage for your presence in the beauty industry.
GenLux brochure
GenLux Versatility


Capacitors 3*12000uf
Energy Density 1-25j/cm2 (Europe safety standard)
Frequency 1~10 shots/second
Wavelength 650-950nm, 430-950nm, 530-950nm, 590-950nm, 690-950nm
Handpieces SHR 15 x 50mm & E-light 12 x 33mm
Pulse Duration 1~15ms
Cooling System Sapphire + Air + Water +SPT Cooling
Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x L x H) 57 x 48 x 40cm
Net Weight 50kg
ARTG Entry 278691

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