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DuoLux is a premier, FDA approved, multi-treatment system


containing 2400 watts of power with advanced cooling technology. It allows for effective treatment of permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, pigmented lesion reduction, freckle and vascular lesion reduction, as well as acne treatments and the ability to add on RF handpiece.

Improve Your Practice With DuoLux Quality

Fast, cost-effective, easy to operate, the DuoLux is a high energy system delivering unequivocal results. The DuoLux offers more treatments tan any other system in its price range whilst offering unparalleled quality and reliability. Allow yourself and your practice to indulge in the success that a DuoLux will bring to your clinic.

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More Than Just Unsurpassed Hair Reduction

Your investment in the DuoLux technology will allow you to treat much more than unwanted hair. The DuoLux treats a variety of conditions, including:

  • Hair Reduction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Spider Vein Removal
  • Pigmentation Reduction
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Things just got better… Faster. More Treatments… Happier Clients. Happiest YOU

The premier Multi Treatment System for permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, reduction of pigmented lesions, freckle and vascular lesion reduction is faster and more effective than anything in it’s class.

The DuoLux is:

  • FDA 510K Approved – as well as TUV, CE and CFDA
  • Treat all skin types – with reliable and consistent results every treatment
  • Versatile – Successfully reduce lighter hair colours that competitor devices can’t, including red and blonde hair
  • Economical – German Xenon lamps guaranteed to 300,000 lashes
  • Fast & Powerful – With 2400W of power
  • Pain-Free – For most treatments including hair reduction
  • Flexible – With 2 standard handpieces; SHR 15X50mm2 & E-light 12X33mm2
  • Reliable – German Xenon lamps for stable, effective and reliable results. Japanese capacitors. Modular design.
  • Comfortable – Our Sapphire + Air + Water contact cooling system ensures greater patient comfort
  • Convenient – The DuoLux is on wheels and therefore easy to move from room to room
ipl with opt
sapphire contact cooling
sapphire contact cooling


Peak IPL Power 2400 W
Capacitors Japan imported 12000 uf each
Energy density 1-26 J/cm2 (SHR) 1-60 J/cm2 (E-Light)
Wavelength 650 - 950 nm; 430/480/530/560/590/640/690 /750-1200nm
Handpiece SHR 15 X 50 mm2& E-light 15 X 35 mm2
Pulse duration 1 - 15 ms
Pulse repetition rate 1-10Hz
Pulse Single
Frequency 1-10 shots/second
Timer 1-30s
Stand-By Working Continuously for 12 hours
Cooling system Sapphire contact cooling (-4oC to 4oC) + air + water circulation cooling
Voltage 100 - 240 VAC , 20 A max, 50/60 Hz
Display 8.4" True Colour LCD Touch Screen
Dimension (W x L x H) 55 x 48 x 109cm
Net weight 52kg
ARTG Entry 278691

DuoluxBefore & After

The DuoLux multifunctional SHR IPL device is FDA registered and designed to provide you and your clients with exceptional results at a price that you, and your clients can afford.

Hair Reduction:

  • after before image
  • after before image
  • after before image

Skin Treatments:

  • after before image
  • after before image
  • after before image
  • after before image

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