How to find the best IPL machine for a Beauty Clinic
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How to find the best IPL machine for a Beauty Clinic

Looking for an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machine? Choosing the perfect IPL machine for your clinic is all about what is right for you. It is important to be supported by a leading wholesaler to make sure the machine you buy is suitable.

Three main factors should form the basis of your choice when you make your decision.  Any IPL device you consider should meet these minimum standards. The device:


  • Must be of high, acknowledged quality,
  • Must come with personalised training and ongoing support,
  • Must qualify for a great ROI


Be clear on what you expect the device to do.

Don’t just think about the function alone. It’s important to think about treatment times, how often the device will be used, and how much you will be able to spend on upkeep and maintenance. Mapping out the demand for your device from the beginning sets you up for making a better value choice. A great wholesaler will be able to help you form a clear and fair expectation for the device you are interested in.


How fast will the investment pay for itself?

Whether you purchase your machine outright or on a payment plan, you should have clear information on how much money you can expect to make from it. Some suppliers  are able to provide very clear information ( from analysed demographics) about the potential client base for a new device. With this information, you don’t need to guess how much money you can make, instead, you can provide a very clear estimate.


Will I need to pay for training?

A reputable IPL Machine wholesaler will always provide high quality training when you purchase their device. This ensures you and your staff receive the best possible handover of information available. Always be sure to llook for a company that prioritises safety and quality rather bargains and sales.


Do you have further questions about finding the best IPL Machine for your clinic? Don’t hesitate to ask the team at Universal IPL. We’re passionate about building clinics of all sizes with high-quality devices and great training. Call us today for more information about our IPL Machines.

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