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The Development of Hair Removal Treatments

We’re often asked for advice on different types of hair removal treatments. What’s the best one? What’s the difference between SHR treatments and older kinds of hair removal? With all of the options available, we know things can get confusing.

The medical aesthetics industry is one of the fastest moving out there. It’s a race to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you’re stocking the latest developments in popular treatments. That’s why you should be sure you can offer your clients the latest IPL machine. With the progression of technology, SHR treatments can provide a range of benefits that more outdated laser machines can’t.

Let’s see how hair removal technology has grown through the generations.


The initial invention of laser hair removal was a turning point in the industry. Clients rejoiced that it was the end of the need for scratchy razors! There were, however, some drawbacks to the technology.

The lasers delivered temperatures of at least 43 degrees to the hair bulb. This was relatively painful for clients. On top of that, early laser technologies relied on the pigment in hair to disable the hair follicle. This meant it was only effective when treating lighter skin types and darker hair colours.

They were expensive to buy and maintain, and results were unsuccessful for those with blonde or grey hair.


IPL (Intense Pulse Light) was the next step-up from laser treatments. At first, it was invented for skin rejuvenation but it also became recognised as a hair removal option.

In the early days, IPL machines were much less sophisticated than they are now. Like laser, they worked on the notion of sending high temperatures to hair bulbs and relying on hair pigment.

Newer versions of IPL, such as SPL (Square Pulse Light) are much more advanced. They can treat those tricky hair colours – even grey, blonde and red – for permanent hair reduction. Treatments are pain-free and suitable for all skin types.  Modern IPL machines like our Evolux use breakthrough technology such as SPT and FCA for faster, more comfortable treatments for your clients. 


E-Light was invented as a solution to those with lighter hair colours. It combined SPL technology with Bi-Polar Radio Frequency to disable the hair follicle. This action resulted in permanent hair reduction for any client that walks through the door.

However, E-Light was still unsuccessful in one important area. It would deliver 43 degrees of heat to the hair bulb by heating the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue. Clients would still have to endure long and painful treatments.


SHR (Super Hair Reduction) and UHR (Universal Hair Reduction) have salons across the world rejoicing. They still work on the notion of delivering heat to hair bulbs, but they use low heat and super-fast pulses. This gradual heat application is much safer and less painful to clients.

Suitable for most hair types and skin types, SHR/UHR are the solution for the modern-day salon that wants to offer clients the best in hair removal treatments.

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