Goodbye Summer! Get ready for Winter

Winter wear

It is officially the start of the darker and colder months with the end of daylight savings. While summer was nice with lots of sunny weather and great fashions, it is time to ready your beauty business for winter.

Something that many people underestimate with the colder months, is the impact they can have on skin. While not as immediately visible as sunburn, a biting wind can wreak just as much havoc as a hot sun. Even artificial heating sources like air-conditioning can lead to a different set of challenges. Some of the biggest concerns are skin dehydration from merely mild through to severe, dry skin, rough patches, and chapped lips. Given enough time without beneficial sunlight and other problems like poor circulation and an increase in fine lines also occur.

So how are you getting your beauty business ready?

Put a plan in place

Deliberately placing a winter care plan in place can help guide your clinic through the colder months. Many customers are uncertain what to do about their deteriorating skin conditions. A simple and prompt reminder could be the boost many need to revisit your business. The different treatments can include tailored programs targeting dehydrated skin or other problem areas.

Deliver the right solutions

The difference in a quality treatment is demonstrated in a customer’s satisfaction and subsequent return visits. By delivering the right treatment, provided by a quality device like an IPL machine, your Melbourne clients will be happier with your services. With greater customer satisfaction, it naturally increases your repeat bookings and generates greater potential for new clients through word of mouth.

Update your staff training

Your business’ reputation relies on every treatment that your staff conduct, so it is important they know what they are doing. When you purchase a new equipment, this can also be the biggest problem to delivering quality treatments and generating a return on your investment. At Universal Medical Aesthetics, we are dedicated to ensuring all our clients are fully trained on every device purchased from us. With training and marketing support included in each purchase, you can quickly build your reputation for delivering cutting-edge, winter treatments with knowledgeable beauty therapists.

Let your Clients Know

Many clients do not even think about the beauty challenges that await them, aside from a small concern about chapped lips or blown scarves. Now is the time to let them know that you have the answer. Not only will early marketing help encourage more clients to remember you in later chilly months. It also gives you time to focus on building up your beauty business’ competitive edge. One of the best ways we recommend it putting together a special winter package and advertising it everywhere, through social media, email and signage.

To find out how our quality training and innovative beauty devices can help equip your salon for winter, contact us at Universal Medical Aesthetics today. We can provide a free business analysis and help you build a competitive edge with our premium equipment.

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