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Fat Reduction

ultrasound cavitation machine for weight loss

Reduce fat with Ultrasound Cavitation machine

Reducing the appearance of fat has never been easier. The latest technology was used to develop an advanced fat reduction machine targeting cellulite and those last few unwanted inches.

While there are a number of different devices and fat reducing strategies on the market, devices that reduce fat through ultrasound have revolutionised the industry. They do not use the same methods as liposuction where the fat is removed surgically, provides a variety of benefits. No scars, no anaesthesia, no discomfort, ultrasound fat reduction a risk-free alternative to treatments like liposuction. Instead, the fat is burnt away through the body’s natural filtration system,

How do ultrasound cavitation machines work?

Fat reducing machines like the Ultrasound Cavitation use natural procedures based on low-frequency ultrasounds. The ultrasound technique works by creating bubbles in the liquid which then grow and implode at a certain size. The bubble’s energy then transmutes into both heat and a pressure wave. The pressure directs the major energy release specifically into certain areas with fat cells. The process works because fat cell membranes do not have the structural density to withstand the vibrations. However, the waves are gentle and natural enough to spare the muscular tissue and the vascular or nervous system from damage. In breaking the fat membranes, the result is an instant fat loss.

After breaking the fat is released in the form of triglycerides, which dissipates between the cells into the interstitial fluid. Enzymes metabolise the triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. Glycerol is water soluble and is absorbed into the lymphatic and vascular system. The free fatty acids are not soluble, so transfer to the liver, which burns them the same way it handles fatty acids from food. In this process, the fat is burnt up and used in a natural, healthy method by your body.

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Advanced therapies for weight loss

Machines that help with weight loss are specifically designed for the stubborn fat deposits that do not dissipate with diet and exercise. They target specific areas, including:

  • The abdomen and stomach area
  • Waist
  • Arms
  • Thighs and hips
  • Legs and bottom
  • All back areas including the troublesome upper back

Each session focuses only one particular area for treatment during the time frame. If more than one area requires treatment, UMA recommends that salons arrange with clients’ specific treatment sessions. For each session to deliver the best results, salons should recommend that clients stay well hydrated and conduct brisk exercise for three days after the treatment.

Universal Medical Aesthetics ultrasound cavitation machine for fat loss

Dual Action RF

The newest radio frequency techniques allow salons to offer clients access to non-surgical treatment methods for skin tightening. Radio Frequency (RF) works by transmitting radio waves through the skin into the dermis. By combining this process with ultrasound cavitation, each treatment assists the fat reducing machine to breakdown the fat cells. This process also tightens the skin in the same area as the old fat cells and prevents loose or sagging skin from occurring alongside the fat reduction treatment. When combined with cavitation, the latest machine for weight loss, RF technology can provide businesses in the beauty industry the ultimate machine for burning fat. Radio frequency techniques work in a variety of ways including:

  • Tissue reduction, the radio waves heats the dermis to contract the collagen fibres without burning the surface skin. This process is immediately visible during the treatment session.
  • Forming new collagen, through the heating process, new collagen is stimulated to start production. This effect is slower to become visible and may take several months to take effect.
  • Improving circulation, radio waves reduce the toxins in the blood stream which helps reduce the effects of ageing
CaviLux – Cavitation

Using the latest ultrasonic technology, Cavi-Lux is one of the most advanced fat reducing machines.

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