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Amazing Microdermabrasion Facts

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular beauty procedures and when Australians collectively spend around 1 billion dollars on cosmetic treatments, this represents a profitable figure. Per person, Australians are one of the highest spenders globally so it is no wonder that Microdermabrasion and its sister treatment Hydrodermabrasion are so popular.

While a popular procedure many people don’t know very much about treatment, so here are some amazing facts about Microdermabrasion treatments!

It only takes 30 minutes!

Australian women love walk-in and walk-out procedures so it is not surprising microdermabrasion is so popular. It is known as the lunchtime facelift and can be done between 15-30 minutes. The best part is that there is no downtime with the procedure, which means people can go for an appointment during lunch and be immediate back to daily activities.

It tricks your skin into looking younger

Your skin is one of the main methods people use to determine your age, which is why fresh, smoother skin can help people look years younger. While creams and lotions have typically delivered inconsistent results, microdermabrasion actually works with the body’s natural healing ability to demonstrate younger results. In the process of removing the dead aged skin, microdermabrasion tricks the body into producing fresh new skin cells, giving a naturally firmer and smoother appearance.

It doesn’t hurt

One of the biggest draw cards is that microdermabrasion is completely pain-free. While having dead skin peeled off with crystals sound like it might hurt, it merely feels like a mild scratching. Much like a rough bath sponge and any lingering effects will simply feel like mild sunburn.

It can reduce pigmentation

Wherever your pigmentation is located, microdermabrasion can help reduce the effect through gentle skin rejuvenation treatments. Some areas like underarms are typically ignored by most clients who would find laser or IPL machine treatments too harsh on such sensitive skin. However, microdermabrasion is such a gentle, non-chemical treatment that is can be used easily on darker pigmented areas. It is also an effective treatment after a hair removal session, whether from a laser or an IPL machine, helping the skin retain a healthy glow and feel smoother for longer.

It can minimise your pores

Many facial creams or toners boast effective results in shrinking pores or reducing their appearance, but rarely deliver. However, microdermabrasion is a stronger treatment and through a series of sessions can deliver better results than an entire supermarket shelf of beauty products. Through removing the outermost layer of skin, the procedure stimulates collagen production and builds new thicker skin, which naturally reduces the appearance of unsightly pores.

So if you are looking for a more effective beauty treatment to add to your skin regimen, try fitting in a session of microdermabrasion every month or so.

Don’t settle for a lower standard, ask your beauty therapist if they are using Universal Medical Aesthetics’ devices. With quality microdermabrasion and IPL machines, Melbourne beauty businesses are fully equipped to deliver the best results to their clients.

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