The Best Treatments to Fight Visible Signs of Aging

We’re only as old as we feel, but more people are choosing to head to their medical aesthetics clinic to target those telltale aging signs. With the rise in non-invasive aesthetics treatments, it’s now easier and safer to shed years from our appearance.

Regular treatments can permanently change the appearance of skin and restore confidence in your clients. Professionals know that each client is unique and you should assess every customer according to their requirements, before suggesting the best treatment plan for them.

Here are some of the most common aging complaints, and the medical aesthetics machinery you need to be able to fight them.

Sagging or Damaged Skin

Skin naturally loses elasticity when we get older, lose weight or give birth. When your clients are worried about the appearance of their skin, suggest they try a skin firming ultrasound machine.

What it does: Non-invasive ultrasounds gradually increase low levels of heat in targeted areas, whether this is on the face or the body. It works to stimulate the cells, invigorate collagen and repair damaged tissue. Our HIFU Ultrasound machine bypasses the skin’s surface and solely targets the deep, structural tissue and muscles.

The benefits: An ultrasound machine offers immediate benefits that can last up to six months, making treatment convenient for your client. Some clients have found they only need two treatments to achieve the desired result and there’s no downtime after the treatment.

The Treatment and Prevention of Wrinkles

 When we’re young, we can smile and frown without thinking about the consequences. Our expressions can leave an impact on our face, which deepens with age. Preventing wrinkles is often more effective than treating them, so whatever your client’s age, offer them skin needling to target wrinkles.

What it does: The handheld pen used in skin needling machines stimulates collagen production to rejuvenate skin for a more youthful appearance. While the technology reduces fine lines, it also treats stretch marks, scarring and other skin conditions. The treatment is based on acupuncture, and uses tiny needles that trigger natural wound healing responses to increase collagen and elastin.

The benefits: The procedure doesn’t cause tissue damage and is minimally invasive to the epidermis layer. Collagen production is quicker than other treatment methods and your clients will see gradual improvements faster.

Dull, Tired Skin with Age Giveaways 

Older clients may complain about a variety of skin problems. From age spots and pigmentation, to dead skin and a tired-looking complexion, they want a machine that can fix it all. Microdermabrasion is the skin rejuvenation technique that has them leaving your clinic happier.

What it does: Microdermabrasion is the solution to repair damaged skin. Our equipment uses a dual action consisting of gentle abrasion and suction to remove the dead outermost layer of skin.

The benefits: This is a non-invasive treatment that can treat a range of benefits, so stocking one in your clinic will allow you to treat more clients. This easy exfoliation technique is an efficient and pain-free way to achieve younger-looking skin.

Universal Medical Aesthetics has the treatments that your clients want the most. Contact us for more information about any of the equipment listed here so we can update your salon with the most technologically advanced machines.

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