Why it's Become Easier to Get an Eye Lift
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The Independent Pensions Advisory Service conducted research into where pensioners were choosing to spend their money. They found that more over 55’s are choosing to invest their money on aesthetic enhancers, such as face lifts and dental implants. The eyes are known as “the windows to the soul” and can often be a big giveaway of a person’s age. For that reason, mature patients are asking for eye lifting procedures (or “blepharoplasty”) to maintain a more youthful appearance.

With modern technology on the market, they can achieve long-lasting and effective results without traditional, surgical enhancements.

Traditional Eye Lifting Procedures

Traditional blepharoplasty was performed by doctors with a scalpel. While this treatment is able to delivery pleasing results, patients are generally left with scarring, bruising and swelling. It can also lead to dry eyes, itching, temporary double vision and even blindness for a few hours post-surgery!

Surgical blepharoplasty may have been the original, conventional way to improve the appearance of tired, puffy, heavy or saggy eyes, but now there’s a more attractive alternative for patients that want to avoid going under the knife.

Non-surgical Eyelid Reconstruction

Non-surgical treatments offer little or no recovery time, minimal risk of scarring and natural-looking results. The non-surgical approach to eyelid reconstruction is becoming the desired option to take care of baggy eyelids and excess upper skin. Treatments give clients a younger appearance without the daunting prospect of going under the knife.

Non-surgical eye lifts don’t require the removal of excess skin or fat, and don’t modify the orbicular muscle of the eyelids. Instead, modern treatments like the Plexr utilise plasma to sublimate excess skin and re-enable plasticity of the eyelids.

Appeal to the Right Markets with an Eye Lifting Machine

With an increase in the older market opting for non-surgical eyelid reconstruction, does your clinic appeal to a wider range of patients? More and more people are taking advantage of technological advancements in the medical aesthetics industry and seeing the benefits of non-invasive procedures.

Universal Medical Aesthetics recommend the Plexr Plus, the eye lifting machine that does even more than it says on the box. It uses innovative technology in a soft surgery system for an effective alternative to invasive cosmetic treatments. Results are long-lasting with no downtime, and treatments don’t require cutting of the skin. It’s quick and easy for patients, with treatment time coming in at less than 30 minutes.

The Plexr Plus boasts precise application, as the treatment works through sublimation of the treated tissue. Its precision means that heat won’t transfer to and affect surrounding tissue, which is why it’s perfect for smaller, trickier areas like the eyelids.

Call Universal Medical Aesthetics on (02) 8231 6529 for more information on the eye lifting machine that clients in Australia and around the world prefer.

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