Does Your Beauty Business Need Both LED and IPL Machines?

We all know winter can be a little dark and gloomy. Fortunately, you can make your clients feel like spring has come early with LED machines.

IPL machines are very popular here in Melbourne for good reason, but they aren’t necessary in every case. For gentler treatments, LED therapy is a great way to offer your clients an effective yet non-invasive method of treating signs of ageing, acne, inflammation, and a host of other skin problems.

How Does it Work?

Many scientific studies, including one published last year in BBA Clinical, are still discovering many incredible medical and cosmetic benefits to light therapy. Also called phototherapy, this treatment works on its own to rejuvenate skin. Phototherapy reverses the effects of years of ageing by stimulating collagen and elastin growth like a younger person’s cells.

Red or near-infrared light has healing properties that regenerate and protect tissue, and blue wavelengths are great for targeting acne. Machines typically offer red, blue, green and yellow options, all of which have unique benefits.

A Sound Investment

A good quality LED machine is a solid investment for any beauty business. The equipment is user-friendly, affordable and offers science-backed results. Low-level light therapy can also be used in combination with higher intensity laser and IPL.

Often used to aid in healing after surgery, low-level light therapy helps soothe irritation and prompt regenerations. Due to its healing properties, LED is an effective post-treatment therapy for after IPL and laser.

Using phototherapy hand-in-hand with IPL allows you to offer a complete treatment package. Inflammation and redness can be reduced, meaning less downtime for clients.

While IPL machines are essential for major problems, investing in a LED machine is a smart move. Every salon can benefit from this non-invasive way to help clients feel rejuvenated even in the Melbourne winter.

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