About us

Here at Universal Medical Aesthetics (UMA), we specialise in supplying premium equipment to top-end salons, spas and businesses in the beauty industry. We provide competitive and technologically advanced systems, tailor-made for the beauty industry. Our market leading systems have been designed to treat most common skin problems using pain-free methods.

We provide each customer with exactly what they need for their particular space and unique business needs. With each piece of equipment purchased, we offer specialist training, advice and support to complement the different systems. Our Research and Development team has over two decades of experience in the industry and use their technical expertise to provide the best systems to suit your business. Proving our expertise, we pride ourselves on being one of the only companies in Australia with a patent for hair removal equipment.

Our Vision:

Universal Medical Aesthetics revolutionises aesthetic therapeutic and medical technology designed for your business.

Our Mission:

Universal Medical Aesthetics is expanding globally whilst striving to research, design, manufacture and distribute the best medical and aesthetic devices.

Our Team:

Our team are industry specialists with extensive experience to deliver our clients the best service.

Marketing Director – Stephen holds a post graduate certificate in Business Administration from Griffith University. With more than 25 years’ experience in senior management roles, he has been working in the beauty and beauty equipment sector for more than a decade.

Sales Director – Justin studied Computer Engineering at Swinburne University. He also holds a degree in Communications and Electronics from Swinburne University. Justin has more than 8 years’ experience in the beauty and beauty equipment sector and is a specialist in all types of beauty equipment. Justin has helped thousands of salon owners to choose the best equipment for their needs.

General Manager – Wendy studied Nursing at Ballarat University. Wendy also holds a Diploma in Front Line Management from Swinburne University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Midwifery and Woman’s Health. Wendy is currently a registered nurse with more than 20 years of nursing experience. Wendy also oversees the trainers at Universal Medical Aesthetics among her other tasks.

Marketing Manager – Tarryn holds a Diploma in Sales Management Marketing Advertising and Public Relations from Dublin Business School. She is a well-travelled, seasoned marketing expert, offering invaluable and creative marketing services. She also provides outstanding support to UMA and our valued clients.

Marketing Manager – Felicity holds a Degree with a major in politics from Monash University with minors in Sociology Psychology and Statistics. Felicity is a seasoned business entrepreneur and owned and operated several successful businesses previously. Felicity offers unequivocal marketing support to UMA and our valued customers.

Machine Specialist – Steve studied Accounting at UNISA (BAC). Steve has a strong marketing and accounting background with senior level positions in large companies globally. Steve now uses his extensive business experience to offer advice to our clients on the best equipment suiting their individual needs.

Machine Specialist – Dagan is currently studying Software Engineering at Sydney University. Dagan has also completed film directing and editing studies at Participate Film Academy. Dagan is an Equipment Specialist with UMA offering advice to our clients on the best equipment suiting their individual needs.

Training Specialist – Tamia holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy from the Strand College of Beauty. Tamia also holds several other qualifications including, an Advanced Cidesco Diploma in Advanced Beauty Therapy. A Training and Assessment Cert 4 and a Paramedical Skin Care Certificate and completed the Advanced Laser Safety Certificate from Pastiche Learning.
Tamia has also worked in the beauty industry for more than 12 years. During this time Tamia managed several Laser Clinics specialising in training staff on aesthetic devices for IPL and Lasers. Tamia worked as a trainer in IPL machines, Lasers and many other types of beauty equipment with leading plastic surgery practices Australia wide. Tamia now brings her expertise to train our clients in the best treatment methods.

Training Specialist – Whitney holds a degree in Communications and Sociology from AFU in North Carolina, USA. Whitney has also worked in the beauty industry for more than five years. For more than two years Whitney was a trainer in IPL machines, Lasers and many other types of beauty equipment working with leading plastic surgery practices Australia wide. We are delighted that Whitney brings her experience to now training our clients.

Equipment Engineering – Abraham has been repairing all types of lasers and IPL machines for more than ten years and is perhaps the most experienced in this field within Australia. We are proud to have Abraham as our lead engineer.

Maintenance Specialist – Chris is a Qualified Electrician from the UK. Chris works under the guidance of Abraham on all aspects of the aesthetic equipment from installations to maintenance and repairs.

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