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4 Common Myths about Hair Removal

untold truth about ipl hair removal

As IPL hair removal is becoming more popular, there is inevitably misinformation about the treatment spreading. Even among beauty businesses like salons and clinics, there can be some misconceptions.

Although some rumours about IPL and laser might be true, when combined the two technologies avoid many of the issues generally associated with hair removal. Here are some of the common myths associated with IPL laser hair removal and the truth behind them.

# 1 – IPL is Painful

While traditional IPL treatments can cause some discomfort, combined IPL and laser machines now provide options for painless hair removal.

One of these is the new SHR IPL hair removal machine, which has all the benefits and none of the downsides of traditional IPL and laser treatments. Good for hair removal, yet with few to no side effects, the SHR machine is a great way to provide clients with fast and effective treatments.

Providing the effectiveness of laser and the soothing effects of IPL, the new technology provides removal of even the most stubborn strands of hair. While removing hair, the machine also soothes skin and stimulates healing.

#2 – Hair Removal is Only for Women

While hair removal is most talked about and used by women, men can also benefit from IPL laser hair removal.

As the treatment becomes more popular, men are using it more and more. Considering men as clients is a great way to find a fresh, untapped market and bring in new patients.

#3 – IPL Machines Are Too Expensive

Although the machines aren’t cheap, they don’t have to break the bank. There are affordable options, and the money spent is a good investment. IPL laser machines are a perfect way to offer excellent treatment options to clients.

IPL laser machines are a great way to get the benefits of laser and IPL in one piece of technology, which can also help save clinics’ money.

#4 – It is For Everyone

While IPL laser is a good option for many people, it shouldn’t be recommended wholesale to clients. Everyone has different needs. Darker skin tones, for example, can have more side effects from IPL and should look into other options.

IPL laser machines are a great way to avoid some of the typical problems associated with the traditional treatment while still getting the benefits. Investing in the technology is a good strategy for clinics to tap fresh markets, impress clients and encourage repeat business.

For more information about investing in an IPL laser hair removal machine, contact us at Universal IPL for recommendations about what technology is right for your clinic.

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