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Innovative IPL Machines for Your Business

Universal Medical Aesthetics is a leading IPL machine supplier, servicing top-end clinics around Australia with premium equipment. With a business built on the foundations of reliability, functionality, technology and quality service, our customers have come to rely on us when they need advanced IPL machines for sale in Australia.

The Australian aesthetics industry is evolving at a rapid rate, so our IPL machines for salons around the country evolve with it, to ensure you always have access to the features you need to offer the best treatment to your clients.

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About SHR/IPL machine

An IPL machine harnesses the ultimate hair reduction technology for clinics that value versatility and efficiency. In just one impressive system, operators have access to a variety of treatments- not just hair reduction. IPL machines from Universal Medical Aesthetics are praised by professionals in Australia and the rest of the world.

Our IPL Machines offer painless, quick treatments that are easy to administer and are comfortable and convenient for your patients. Regular treatments are recommended for optimal results, but many clients can see an improvement after just one session.


Why SHR/IPL machine

When you invest in IPL hair removal machines, you're investing in the future of your business. Offering these treatments will assist you with attaining a higher customer retention rate, attracting new clients and increasing customer satisfaction.

More people are choosing to turn to non-invasive, non-surgical procedures to address skin and hair concerns. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the latest hair removal and skin rejuvenation machines that do it all- so you can meet the demands of your customers and ensure they're going to you instead of your competitors.

Non-surgical procedures have advanced significantly to give effective, long-lasting results. Numerous other benefits are also providedwhen using our devices, which are widely used across Australia and New Zealand. Treatments are fast, pain-free and because they're non-invasive, they're safer and require much less downtime - if any.

The benefits offered by Universal Medical Aesthetic’s IPL machine hair removal machines are unmatched by many competitorsin the market.


Why Quality Matters

It pays to research the equipment you are buying and your chosen supplier when choosing your new IPL/SHR device. Investing in superior quality machines ensures that you are getting the best available device in the market for reliability, functionality and longevity. It is imperative that both you and your clients feel confident with your machines, and are satisfied with the results.

Opt for a company that offers post-purchase support and ongoing training. It's an unavoidable fact that technology sometimes breaks down, so make sure you partner with a professional supplier that is always on-hand to offer service and repair advice. With every piece of equipment sold by Universal Medical Aesthetics, we offer specialist training, support and advice. That means that your business can keep running efficiently, every day.



Universal Medical Aesthetics has a commitment to serving our partnered salons and clinics with providing thorough training for our IPL Machines and other devices we supply such as Organic Microdermabrasion machines, Hydrodermabrasion machines, LED or PDT systems, Skin Needling and Tattoo Removal machines. Our specialised machines can deliver a range of skin rejuvenation and general anti-ageing treatments, enabling businesses in the beauty industry to treat a variety of conditions. We offer ongoing treatment support, technical support and marketing resources.

Whether you are buying your first IPL machine or upgrading from your existing devices, we recommend ensuring every operator in your business has received thorough training. Advanced features are always being added to keep up with the aesthetics market, so it's important to be able to adapt to these changes.

With each purchase from UMA, we're happy to assist you with information about the best treatment techniques and optimal tips on treating a variety of skin types and conditions. Our experts are also available to discuss any questions or concerns arising from treatment sessions that you are unsure about.

Our training sessions are individually tailored so therapists of every level can feel confident in using our devices. We provide preliminary sessions free of charge, with the option of further training if desired.

When your staff have the skills and knowledge on how to best provide all the treatments you offer, you can guarantee the best possible results and consistently safe treatments that adhere to industry standards.

Our Training


With so many sub-standard IPL Machines in Australian and New Zealand, it's important that you choose to purchase from a reputable company. Universal Medical Aesthetics has extensive experience in the medical aesthetics industry, and a team of professionals that are committed to researching, designing, developing and distributing the best IPL/SHR machines for salons in Australia.

When you select an IPL machine from our extensive range, you'll experience nothing but confidence from start to finish. Investing in the latest technology is the only way for your clinic to grow and offer the complete package to your customers- so be sure you're choosing a supplier you can rely on.

Universal Medical Aesthetics has the medical expertise you need. With over two decades experience in the beauty equipment sector, we deliver the best service and value to every one of our customers. Using technologically progressive machinery, we supply premium equipment to high-end clinics and salons.

Our experts are on-hand to offer you honest and transparent advice, even post-purchase. Once your machine is set up at your premises, we offer specialist training and advice to give you, your staff and your clients complete confidence.

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