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Tattoo Removal
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In the last decade, tattoo removal machines have been revolutionised by advances in removal laser technology. Today, more than 50% of those who receive a tattoo regret all or part of their design. They then want them removed or faded so a new design can be successfully re-tattoo over the old design. The latest advances in laser tattoo removal are Q-switched lasers.

Q-switched lasers for tattoo removal

Q-switched lasers work by emitting short-lived pulses of high energy, which are directed to the site of the tattoo. The light wavelengths emitted by the Q-switched lasers, unlike older tattoo removal machines, are highly attracted to tattoo ink. This means they have a minimal effect on the normal healthy skin, reducing the chance of damage.

The wavelengths of light are specifically designed to be short-lived ensuring that minimal heat is transferred through the treatment to prevent damage to the skin. Tattoo removal machines work by breaking up the tattoo ink into small particles that the body can then easily remove and digest. Using the body’s natural cleaning systems allows the tattoo removal system to use less harmful equipment and increase the efficiency of the tattoo removal machine.

Universal Medical Aesthetics’ tattoo removal machines work using lasers to permeate through the epidermis into the dermis. The laser wavelengths pulse in rapid nanoseconds, at high energy and are absorbed into the pigmented mass – the tattoo ink. The rhythm and high energy then swell the tattoo ink and breaks it into smaller pieces. The body can then efficiently remove the smaller pieces through the normal metabolism. After several sessions, the pigmentation lightens and eventually disappears.

UMA’s laser tattoo machines are also capable of removing cosmetic tattoos or ‘permanent makeup’. Tattooed makeup from, eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner, can be removed or faded the same way typical tattoo are removed. Using tattoo removal machines, it is possible for clients to then re-tattoo a design on the old site, although the area needs to completely heal before a tattoo artist can work on the site.

Universal Medical Aesthetics provides professional tattoo removal products for businesses in the beauty industry. By using the most advanced technology and equipment designed with the latest research, salons and spa can be certain they are providing the best alternative for their clients.

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UMA’s tattoo removal machines for salon/spasView Products


Universal Medical Aesthetics tattoo removal machines provide a range of benefits for salons or spas. Using patented technology, UMA’s equipment is fast, efficient, more versatile than other laser machines on the market. They have a wide range of features for salons or their clientele and can treat a variety of conditions:

  • Two treatment heads for different treatments, including 1064nm and 532nm.
  • The 532nm is used for treatment of skin pigmentation such as freckles, spot and red or brown pigmentations
  • The 1064nm is used to treat tattoo removal, dermal pigmentation and more challenging pigmentation conditions. This mainly refers to black or blue pigmentation.
  • The non-invasive laser rejuvenation for professional skin rejuvenation.

Each laser tattoo machine uses the laser light wavelengths to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted tattoo and pigmentation marks.

UMA's laser tattoo machines for removing cosmetic tattoos

Each tattoo removal machine has been designed to the latest technical specifications, to provide businesses with a competitive advantage in the beauty industry. They use proven research to develop the technical specification to deliver a range of benefits. This includes:

laser tattoo machines for removing permanent makeup
  • Minimise the pain – Using electro-optic Q-switch ND YAG Laser technology the pain of each session is minimised while still providing an effective treatment.
  • Lasting treatments, unlike less advanced machines, UMA’s machines provide treatments that provide long-term results.
  • Treating a range of conditions, while specialised machines UMA’s devices are able to treat a range of other conditions.
  • Treats the coloured pigments and cosmetic tattoos, including red and brown or black and blue pigmentation.
  • Built with the latest safety features, the system continuously monitors the equipment during use, protecting the clients and operators from harm.


Uni Tatt Pro

Using Q-switched lasers, the Uni Tatt Pro is less painful, faster and more effective than other machines in its class. It enables every business within the beauty industry to offer…

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Uni Tatt

Universal Medical Aesthetics uses advanced Q-switched Laser to remove challenging tattoos with their latest tattoo removal machine – the Uni Tatt.

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