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Universal Medical Aesthetics – Sydney

Based in Sydney, we are the leading supplier of medical-grade, innovative equipment to the beauty industry. At Universal Medical Aesthetic, we believe that every business should be able to provide the most technologically advanced treatments to their customers. So, with two decades of industry experience, we create and deliver patented equipment for treating unwanted hair and skin conditions.

Our clients gain an immediate competitive advantage, able to increase their customer base through fast and effective treatments using pain-free methods. Renown in the industry for our beauty systems and support, by joining the Sydney UMA family our clients gain access to all our knowledge, support, training and professional tips.

Our Products

We offer specialised equipment that is tailored for the beauty industry. We are proud to guarantee that within our wide range of beauty devices, there is one that will best suit your business. Using our experience, our consultants can accurately advise on the right fit for your business and client demographics, or suggest specifically tailored solutions.


Using the latest advanced SHR/IPL technology, we offer clinics a gentle treatment method for effective permanent hair reduction. Our IPL laser hair removal provides painless laser hair removal while designed to treat a range of other skin conditions, including pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. Expand your salon treatment range with an SHR IPL machine from Universal Medical Aesthetics. Effective across a range of skin types and hair/skin combinations, our devices are gentle enough for even sensitive skin types.


Using patented technology, we supply our clinic with the most effective professional LED light therapy machines in the current beauty industry. Through light emitting diodes, our devices use blue and red light therapy to reduce acne and the appearance of ageing. Our range of LED therapy machines is designed to be easy to operate and provide beauty therapists with the tools to treat a wider range of clients. Faster and more advanced than any other machines on the market, our devices ensure satisfied clients leave a treatment session with visibly effective results.


We offer professional microdermabrasion machines which treat a range of conditions. From reducing the appearance or scars, lines and wrinkles, to improving circulation and collagen production. Using fine crystals and suction, our microdermabrasion devices gently loosen dead skin cells to leave a fresh, soft and smooth face. Our Hydrodermabrasion machines combine this with water to add an additional hydration element to the process for long lasting results.

A fast and effective treatment, customers can book a session during their lunch-break leaving with fresh and more youthful looking skin. Our hydrodermabrasion range in addition to treating an ageing appearance, also provides effective solutions to acne, blackheads and unwanted pigmentation.

Tattoo Removal

With many people experiencing regret over getting a tattoo, salons need to be able to provide their clients with the latest in laser tattoo removal technology. Using Q-switched lasers our uniquely formatted tattoo removal lasers are specifically attracted to tattoo skin. They provide maximum results with minimal side effects on the nearby healthy skin. With two treatment heads, UMA’s equipment can treat red and brown ink alongside the more complicated blue or black. Not just for tattoo removal, UMA’s tattoo removal machines can also treat skin conditions and pigmentation from freckles and spots to dermal pigmentation.

Skin Needling

Salons can expand their treatment range with UMA’s skin needling machines. Designed to rejuvenated collagen production, the micro needling machines reduce the appearance of ageing alongside a range of skin conditions. Customers can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles stretch marks and scarring while treating skin laxity and rejuvenation. Our skin needling products are made from the highest medical grade materials and treat a range of areas including the face and neck.

Skin Firming

Using the latest HIFU technology, we have created a non-invasive skin firming machine which delivers instant results. Our HIFU skin tightening machines show results up to 6 months after treatment, so customers are highly satisfied. Specifically designed to handle typical problem zones, our HIFU face firming machines can treat the forehead, cheeks and cheekbones. They are also highly effective at tightening skin around the jaw and chin outline to increase a more youthful appearance. Unlike competitor machines, our HIFU treats a wide range of skin types and colours while delivering fast, effective treatment sessions.

Fat Reduction

Our ultrasound cavitation is an advanced fat reduction machine that targets cellulite in a range of areas of the body. Each treatment session focuses on one area at a time, so our ultrasound fat reduction machines increase repeat-customers and grow the client base for every Sydney salon.

All our equipment is easy to operate and we offer a range of models to suit any Sydney business in the beauty industry. By purchasing the latest and most advanced patented beauty devices, our clients gain an instant competitive advantage. All our machines are designed to deliver fast and reliable results for both customers and salons. Providing consistent and shorter treatment sessions, every salon that purchases our equipment can increase their daily customer turnover and overall profit. We are dedicated to customer service and with a strong desire to equip every business with advanced tech, we have several payment plans. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor a package and find the right equipment for your business needs at a competitive price.

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