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Everything you ever wanted to know about IPL Devices

Everything IPL

If you run a beauty business, you will know that any equipment purchase is a big investment. Most clinic and salon owners will do their homework long before approaching a supplier, however, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when gathering information. This is especially true for any kind of laser hair removal or permanent hair reduction IPL device. It is easy to become overwhelmed and at first, it can seem very intimidating. At Universal, we aim to not only equip but also empower all our clients so they can go on to deliver quality treatments with outstanding results. For that reason, we have gathered a list of some the most common questions about IPL equipment. So read on for everything you ever wanted to know about IPL.

What is IPL? How does it work?

IPL is a form of light therapy. Using a handpiece, operators can target certain areas with a specific wavelength and permanently reduce unwanted hair for a range of customers. In a slightly more detail, the light targets the hair follicle and causes it to overheat, destroying the cell. While it might seem highly technical, as many beauty therapists can confirm, IPL machines work! Melbourne clinics are increasingly reporting that IPL treatments are the preferred hair reduction treatment for their customers.

So what else is IPL do?

IPL devices are incredible in that they are multi-treatment machines. They are just as effective at delivering amazing skin rejuvenation as they are at unwanted hair reduction. At Universal Medical Aesthetics, our SHR IPL devices can be used to treat, permanent hair reduction, pigmentation, freckle reduction, reducing vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation.

But is it painful?

As most beauty therapists will know, many aesthetic treatments involve a bit of pain, fluctuating based on the customer’s pain threshold and skin type. One of the main benefits of our SHR & IPL devices is that they use a combined Sapphire + Air + Water + SPT cooling system. Not only is the SHR & IPL technique less painful than other laser therapies, the cooling system will immediately reduce any residual pain.

I heard it doesn’t work on blond or lighter hair…

While this is true of some more basic devices, our Lux range of IPL equipment can easily treat red or blond hair, even when paired with lighter skin tones. It is also equally effective with darker skin including suntanned and warm skin tones.

Want to Know More?

If you are looking into buying new equipment for your clinic or salon why not think about offering IPL treatments? If you are interested in learning more about how our IPL Lux series can meet your needs give us a call today. We can arrange a free business analysis and help you work out exactly how big a benefit IPL would be.

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