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4 Common Myths about Hair Removal

As IPL hair removal is becoming more popular, there is inevitably misinformation about the treatment spreading. Even among beauty businesses like salons and clinics, there can be some misconceptions. Although some rumours about IPL and laser might be true, when combined the two technologies avoid many of the issues generally associated with hair removal. Here … Continue reading “4 Common Myths about Hair Removal”

New Insights into Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion Tips Microdermabrasion is considered by many to be an ‘old school’ or more traditional technique. However, it should not be dismissed in favour of the many new and exciting machines on the market. In fact, within the global beauty industry, Microdermabrasion is still listed as one of the top non-surgical treatments that aesthetic operators … Continue reading “New Insights into Microdermabrasion”

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