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Warm up the coming winter with LED hi-tech facials

Once, the highest facial technique was to slather creams of all colours on your skin. However those times have long past and now there are more reliable, less messy technologies which deliver better quality outcomes. High tech LED devices are the next generation of advanced facial techniques and winter provides the perfect opportunity for clients … Continue reading “Warm up the coming winter with LED hi-tech facials”

Broaden your client base with IPL for Men

While women are typically thought of when discussing smooth, hairless skin, recent years has seen a change emerging. In this modern world, more men are discovering the pleasures of having smooth, healthy skin and alternatives to their traditional razor. Men who value their appearance are now entering beauty salons as often as women seeking long-term … Continue reading “Broaden your client base with IPL for Men”

How do you pick the best equipment for your beauty business?

Whether you are setting up a new beauty business, or simply wanting to upgrade your existing facilities, choosing the right equipment can be a challenge. With so many businesses operating in the beauty industry, your equipment can be the difference between success or failure. Your choice of the right advanced technology, how well it meets … Continue reading “How do you pick the best equipment for your beauty business?”

Match Clients to their Treatments – SUCCESSFULLY!

At Universal IPL, we have supplied beauty and IPL machines to Melbourne salons for many years and found one thing successful businesses do well. They treat their clients with respect, tailoring their treatments and service according to their needs and type. It might surprise some outside of the beauty business industry, but most clients are … Continue reading “Match Clients to their Treatments – SUCCESSFULLY!”

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