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The Benefits of Combined IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices

hair removal by ipl laser

One of the most popular new trends right now among salons are IPL laser hair removal machines. Offering the benefits of both laser and IPL machines, the new technology is a great way to give clients the best of both worlds.

Gentle Treatment

Combined laser and IPL machines offer an effective yet gentle treatment for both hair and skin problems. The harshness of the laser is offset by the healing, rejuvenating properties of the IPL treatment. IPL stimulates cell healing in a less invasive way than traditional means. When combined, the two treatment methods provide built-in recovery for skin after hair removal.

While laser is the most effective for hair removal, IPL is excellent for treating cosmetic issues like freckles, lesions and other skin blemishes. Pigment spots and burst capillaries can be removed and skin is left feeling refreshed and soft. Signs of ageing like lines, wrinkles and sagging are reduced and the overall effect is a youthful appearance.

More effective

Traditional IPL machines are not as effective for hair removal, not matter how rejuvenating for skin. Laser is simply the best for removing hair, and combined machines are as powerful. The new technology uses frequent pulses of energy that gradually heat up so as not to cause discomfort.

Removing hair quickly and completely without damaging skin or causing unpleasant side effects, this equipment is truly cutting-edge technology. While laser requires some downtime for healing, IPL laser hair removal machines are gentler and aid in quick healing.

Dual Purpose

IPL laser hair removal machines can treat skin and remove hair, saving your clients time and money. The shorter appointment time is beneficial to salons as well, as more appointments can fit in a day. Clients get the same or better level of care in a more time efficient manner, allowing them to get on with their day. Salons can make more money and build a larger client base.

Overall client satisfaction will increase as these improvements are made to your treatment strategy, and your salon will benefit. UMA offers cost effective machines that provide beauty businesses and their clients a way to save money, time and give amazing results.

Contact UMA today with any questions or for information about investing in an IPL laser machine for your salon. We are happy to consult with you about your business’s needs.

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