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Universal Medical Aesthetics supply advanced, tailor-made technology and IPL systems for the beauty industry. Each business within the beauty industry has different requirements regarding clients, space and their budget. With over two decades of knowledge in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering our customers with the IPL machine that best suits their needs.

We are renown for our medically certified, anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation IPL machines. We use specifically design technology to deliver the latest advances in the beauty industry. One of the only companies with patented beauty equipment our IPL devices offers your business an unfair advantage over your competitors.

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At Universal Medical Aesthetics (UMA), we specialise in supplying premium equipment to top-end salons, spas and beauty businesses. Our IPL machines are tailor-made for the beauty industry using medical-grade technology. Each system is designed to treat specific skin conditions from anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation, through to tattoo removal and hair reduction.

We provide a range of machines including, Organic Microdermabrasion machines, Hydrodermabrasion machines, LED or PDT systems, Tattoo Removal and Skin Needling machines. Our machines, while specialised can also deliver a range of skin rejuvenation and general anti-ageing treatments, enabling businesses in the beauty industry to treat a variety of conditions.

Using the latest advances in technology for IPL machines, at Universal Medical Aesthetics, we provide systems that can treat a variety of clients. Most skin types including suntanned and darker skins are also able to be treated. Our systems can also handle challenging combinations of darker skin and red or blond hair. Treatment with UMA’s IPL systems can provide a range of benefits for your business, including faster, more efficient treatment sessions with fewer side effects for clients.

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We offer a broad range of specialised professional equipment. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to fill your needs. We listen to you and your business limitations, then use our expert industry knowledge to analysis your operation’s requirements.At UMA, we are confident that we will have an IPL machine or device that will best suit your needs.



UMA presents GenLux, the most powerful desktop hair reduction and anti-ageing machine in Australia. A machine where size does not matter.

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Economical, efficient and easy to operate, the EvoLux is a high energy system which delivers unequivocal results. The EvoLux offers more treatments than any other competitor in its price range,…

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training& Support

Universal Medical Aesthetics has a commitment to customer service and a strong desire to see businesses fully trained in the IPL systems. We run highly organised training on the IPL systems and equipment purchased.

The process of buying an IPL system, whether it is your first, an upgrade or a simple change, can be a complicated procedure. This is process is further confused by all the claims by manufacturers in the market. With UMA you will not just be purchasing a new system, you become part of a highly successful team. We are always pleased to assist, sharing knowledge on the best treatment techniques and providing tips on the energy settings for different skin types. Our trainers are also available to discuss any problems that arise or advise complicated treatment sessions.

Individually tailored, each training session covers both the equipment systems purchased and the skill level of the staff. We provide preliminary sessions free of charge with each acquisition of Universal Medical Aesthetics’ equipment. They run between two or three days depending on the type of beauty system purchased.

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Universal IPL provides top of the line anti ageing and permanent hair removal equipment in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

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